Founded in 2008, we are a small but passionate team of documentary film makers, committed to telling our subjects’ stories in the best way possible - creatively and authentically.


There are two things our clients often say about us. Firstly, we bring empathy, originality and passion to every project we work on, always mindful of its impact. Secondly, we’re a lot of fun to work with. This combination of qualities is what we can bring to your story.

What’s more, we know stories. We have a wealth of experience in storytelling, including audio documentaries, VR, digital longform (DLF) and animation. This vast industry exposure enables us to work effectively in choosing a format that brings your project to life, rather than forcing the story to fit the medium. Our natural curiosity and integrity guide our decisions and we’re always excited to push the boundaries of our craft. And we know how to get them seen. With years of experience in distribution, we’ve mastered the art of getting our films in the right places.


We have a never ending passion for learning about people and our world, to try new things, to push boundaries, and we’ve been privileged to enjoy working in many countries the world over.

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